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Nest Box Colour Camera System


The high quality CCD mini video camera provides clear colour images during daylight hours only. There is a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see what’s going on inside the bird box. This system will be delivered fully assembled and tested so all you have to do is position the nest box, plug it in and start watching! You can connect the kit to your computer if you have the appropriate connections, these are readily available.

This kit contains:
High quality bird box with integrated sliding drawer and quick release camera bracket (Camera can be moved between boxes in seconds)

  • High quality, high resolution COLOUR CCD camera (up to 520TVL resolution) offering fantastic colour images during daylight hours
  • Integral microphone to hear as well as see what’s going on inside the Bird Box.
  • User adjustable focus lens that can easily be adjusted to ensure pin sharp images
  • (x2) metal hole protector plates (28mm diameter , 32mm diameter – to help deter squirrels and other predators)
  • 30m of professional cable (wired kit only)
  • 12v Regulated Mains adaptor
  • Fixing Kit
  • Scart Adapter
  • Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of birds nesting in your new box.

The Nest Box -hand built from high grade Western Red Cedar (sourced from well managed forests) and follows guidelines suggested by the RSPB and British Trust for Ornithology. The nest box has a removable front panel with a 32mm entrance hole making it suitable for the widest range of garden birds. It has a small sliding drawer in the roof to house the camera and the connections.
The Camera. The camera used in this kit is a HIGH RESOLUTION CCD type camera and has a resolution of up to 520TVL (TV Lines). This will produce great COLOUR imagers during daylight hours only. A built in highly sensitive microphone helps you to hear as well as see what’s going on inside the box too. Finally, the camera also has an adjustable focus lens. This is pre-focused to the correct position but can be easily adjusted at a later date should you require.

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