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Discovery Nest Box and Feeder Camera


This Discovery Nest Box and Bird Feeder Camera System offers everything you need to get fantastic close up images of garden birds nesting, roosting and feeding all year round.

Designed to be incredibly easy to set up, this kit comes ready assembled with everything you need to obtain amazing live images on your own TV or *computer.

The Nest Box – As well as looking good in any garden the Discovery Box has been manufactured using high quality Western Red Cedar (from well managed sources) and is designed to meet RSPB recommendations. This mult-species nest box has completely removable top and front sections, it is pre-drilled with a 32mm entrance hole making it suitable for the widest range of garden birds including.

The nest box incorporates a quick release bracket in which the camera is mounted, there is also a separate section that neatly keeps the wiring connections safe, dry and completely away from the birds. 

The Camera System – The Discovery kit includes a high quality, miniature colour video camera. The camera used in this kit is a Standard Resolution CMOS type and has a resolution of 420TVL (TV Lines). This will produce great colour images during daylight hours and infrared B&W images at night! The built in microphone enables you to hear as well as see what\’s going on inside the nest box or at the feeder and the manually adjustable focus lens helps to ensure that you get sharp images everytime!

The camera is attached to a generous 20m of professional \’plug and play\’ cable which simply plugs in to your TV, DVD/video recorder or computer as long as you have the right connectors. This single cable contains the feed for video and audio and also transfers power to the camera. The cable has three connectors on the end of it. They are black, yellow and white. The black connector attaches to the 12v DC mains power adaptor (supplied) to provide power to your camera. The yellow (video) and white (audio) connectors plug directly into a spare AV or Scart socket on your TV, DVD/video recorder or computer. Simply plug these in, switch over to the appropriate AV channel, sit back and wait for the show to start.

The Feeder Cam – What makes this camera system so versatile and different from anything else on the market today is that if a pair of birds don\’t nest in your box, or it\’s no longer the breeding season, simply open the nest box, unclip the camera and pop it into the supplied Feeder Cam housing. Hang a bird feeder from the housing and you will now have close up footage of birds on your feeder and a nest box that can still be used at a later date. A truly versatile system that can be used all year round.

This kit contains:

High quality bird box fitted with a quick release camera bracket (Camera can be moved between boxes and feeders in seconds)

High quality Feeder ViewCam housing with quick release camera bracket.

High quality, Standard Resolution COLOUR CMOS camera (420TVL resolution) offering fantastic colour video images during daylight hours.

IR (Infrared nightvision) B&W live images during darkness

Integral microphone to hear as well as see what’s going on inside the Bird Box.

User adjustable focus lenses to ensure pin sharp images

20m of professional cable (wired kit only). Simply plug straight into your TV

12v Regulated Mains adaptor

Fixing Kit

Scart Adapter

Instruction sheet full of useful tips to help maximise the chances of birds nesting in your new box.

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